Many skills, one focus: your success.

What can Cameron do to supercharge your marketing results? What can’t we do? From online to on-air. From in-print to in-showroom, and far beyond. We broadcast your brand using every medium and method, and handle every task from maximizing your social marketing to coordinating your co-op. Our team does it all, so your team can focus on what you do best: selling cars!





Cameron delivers national-caliber broadcast advertising led by our own full-time Broadcast Producer/Director and award-winning (including the coveted Clio) copywriters. Our extensive in-house resources, including fully equipped audio/video studio, enable us to meet our clients’ need for TV and radio ads with breakthrough concepts, high production values and true marketing impact at highly cost-efficient budget levels.

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Print remains an essential element of Cameron’s integrated automotive marketing programs. We develop breakthrough brand identity for our clients, and apply it to powerful, customer-pulling creative for newspapers, magazines, trade journals, direct mail and more. On a day-to- day and week-to-week basis, we handle a large volume of time-sensitive advertising materials, including numerous rate and price ads requiring extremely fast turnaround. Our extensive production staff includes experienced full-time art directors, computer artists and illustrators capable of creating anything from a corporate logo to the most complex four-color project including original artwork.

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Web & Mobile Development

Cameron offers its clients full web/mobile development capabilities, with an in-house digital department that specializes in development for the automotive vertical. We can enhance your online presence with proven programs including:

  • Custom landing pages – Most auto dealer websites convert less than 3 percent of site traffic into actual leads. Custom landing pages featuring product, service and credit specials are the key to turning clicks into conversions! All pages developed are mobile enabled.
  • Promotional websites – A promotional website provides a powerful foundation for our clients’ sales events. Custom-design, content-rich sites deliver additional SEO value while converting targeted web traffic into qualified leads.
  • Video spokespeople – We can create fully interactive web pages that include custom video segments featuring professional spokesmodels selling our client’s dealership and products, and keeping customers engaged.
  • Interactive site widgets – A powerful way to increase conversions on our clients’ websites. We add custom features to your website that are geared towards obtaining more conversions.

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Cameron achieves maximum search engine exposure for our clients through a multi-pronged approach, encompassing search engine optimization, pay per click and social marketing campaigns.

We apply comprehensive organic search strategies to increase lead production while reducing overall marketing spend over time. Organic search strategies include:

  • We conduct a full audit of your dealer platform website and perform a thorough on-site optimization to bring it in line with Google’s latest algorithm.
  • We claim and optimize top local directories.
  • New home page promotions are added each month to match your ads and marketing.
  • Custom geo-targeted web pages are added to clients’ existing websites for optimized search engine exposure.
  • Blogs and news sites are filled with cross-linking, news archives, testimonials, videos and more. Search engines are highly receptive to these sites because they are regarded as “news.”
  • Custom web videos are created and posted to YouTube for the client’s most popular brands and models – new & used car videos are 55 times more likely to get clicked on than static listings.
  • Off-site content marketing and link-building strategies include content delivery to online publications, social bookmarking, blog content development, press release optimization, and more.
Cameron’s PPC experts develop custom campaigns that maximize our clients’ budgets and enable them to outrank their competition. Keys to our campaigns are:

  • Campaigns are highly targeted to customer geography and interests. We do not use broad radius targeting like other agencies.
  • We deliver lower click costs and higher conversions through proper segmentation to ensure a high quality score.
  • Daily management – our team actively works on optimizing your campaign to ensure your ads are positioned well against competitors.
  • Custom content – ad content is specific to search queries that deliver higher click-thru ratios.
  • Custom landing pages – campaigns drive traffic to landing pages that serve relevant information and, above all, capture leads.
  • Custom reporting – Our reports carefully track the effectiveness of your ads and your cost per conversion.

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Cameron integrates social media content creation, distribution and social media ads to build our clients’ online presence. Our campaigns are designed to reach Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn users with custom creative.

  • We focus on the key statistic, Monthly Talking About This (MTAT) – the number of online users who share stories about our client’s page, which includes Facebook “likes,” posting to the client’s timeline, commenting on or sharing client posts, and many other forms of engagement.
  • We run targeted ads within Facebook and Twitter to build an audience for our clients and ensure content is being delivered to the largest target audience.
  • Custom creative is integrated to work as one cohesive message throughout social media content and ads.
  • Innovative strategies include contests and sweepstakes, charity partnerships and outreach using email databases.

Over a 5 month period, our social marketing program built a substantial following for a major New York-based auto group:

November 2013

Likes = 1,577

MTAT Total = 149

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April 2014

Likes = 7,752

MTAT Total = 4,589

Display Ads/Remarketing

Cameron develops digital ad campaigns that dramatically increase conversions for our clients. Our proven strategies drive millions of eyeballs to our clients’ websites. Key strategies include:

  • Contextual display – Whenever potential customers read online content that contains keywords, phrases and subject matter related to the client’s products and services, we display a well-branded banner/display ad for their business.
  • Select placement – Our clients’ ads appear on highly targeted premium websites that deliver a high volume of consumers.
  • Remarketing – Whenever our programs deliver a consumer to a client’s website, we follow that consumer with strategic banner/display ads on other sites they visit.

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Video Production

Content Marketing is crucial in today’s market and video is a central component of your marketing strategy.

Cameron has full in-house creative, editing and production capabilities. We can produce optimized web videos, sales videos, how to videos, and broadcast videos.

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